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Cow Print Keychains – Acrylic Cow Key Chains Official Merch CL1211


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Secure your keys in smart Acrylic Cow Key Chains. Got a new car, a new bike, opened a new office, moved into a new house? All have keys that need to be chained to organize and keep them safe and handy.

New Beginnings come with Positivity and Possibilities. And a cow symbolizes all the three. Made in strong zinc alloy, this keychain is perfect to slip in your bike keys, motor car keys or any other keys. The functional spring-ring clasp will secure the keys held within. And it will simplify any addition or removal of keys from the keychain.

Since it’s made in acrylic, you need not worry about the scratches. Women would love the addition of a bovine keychain to any handbag, purse, wallet or glove box. Being light in weight and small in length, it is much convenient to slide it in your pockets or even a small hand purse. For any cow lover, a cute cow being a part of the Acrylic Cow Key Chain is a cute gifting solution.

Weight: 13.8g

Key ring diameter: 22mm

Total length: 155mm

Size: 31mm x 41mm